Residental Interior

Neoklasika has created a uniquely tailored home that celebrates and re-imagines the aesthetics of Art Noveau in a new perspective merging the boundaries between design and art. The interior creates a dynamic ambiance filled with references to the shapes and colours of the nature.

Upon entering a striking hall welcomes with the essence of the design concept. An expressive ceiling mural design is mirrored with the motif of custom-made rug. The focal point of the hall is the central mirror that creates infinity of reflections. The bespoke lighting design offers to stage multiple moods and showcase different elements of the room.

The design of the living room boldly re-discovers the aesthetics of Art Noveau and nature in a completely unique way. The colours and shapes from the ceiling effortlessly flow down to the design of the walls and the rug. All the elements create a sublime unity of form and proportion. The bespoke joinery elevates the concept to the maximum effect.

The master bedroom and bathroom are located in the more private part of the residence. It sets a more intimate and minimalistic mood.