Our Team
One team, many talents.
Highly educated and with a passion for design and architecture- this mostly characterises Neoklasika's multi-faceted team. Several of the team members have an international education and professional background in UK, the Netherlands, Sweden, Argentina, covering such areas as urban planning and design, interior architecture, architecture and product design.

Our Team

Anna Blaua Anna Blaua
Anna Blaua
Antra Krumina Antra Krumina
Antra Krumina
Arita Roena Arita Roena
Arita Roena
Arnolds Andersons Arnolds Andersons
Arnolds Andersons
Dace Berzina Dace Berzina
Dace Berzina
Daiga Norvele Daiga Norvele
Daiga Norvele
Evita Balode Evita Balode
Evita Balode
Evita Lukstina Evita Lukstina
Evita Lukstina
Ieva Ake Ieva Ake
Ieva Ake
Ieva Vīksna Ieva Vīksna
Ieva Vīksna
Lara Iurissevich Debat Lara Iurissevich Debat
Lara Iurissevich Debat
Laura Boldisevica Laura Boldisevica
Laura Boldisevica
Sandijs Krevics Sandijs Krevics
Sandijs Krevics
Sintija Putniņa Sintija Putniņa
Sintija Putniņa