Residental Interior

Elegance and emotions prevail in the interior created at Neoklasika for a private seaside residence. The design concept has been created for self-confident personalities with a clear understanding of their desires and ambitions. Each object in the design is unique, envisioned by Neoklasika.  The primary goal was to create an interior with uniquely handcrafted furniture that would remain timeless for decades.

The main concept for wall finishes is based in the use of diverse textures, various combinations, as well as the creation of nuanced unique tones. The decorative wall paintwork is an inimitable work bearing the artist’s special signature style. The furniture design features complex curved shapes and nuanced soft colours. Extravagant accents emerge in the interior, such as metal elements and glass details that represent the endless possibilities of contemporary glasswork techniques.

The furniture design in the living room area has been created and based on an appreciation of classical beauty and elegance.  The composition of the lighting fixtures in were designed by drawing inspiration from nature: a seashore sprinkled with pebbles. Each lighting fixture has an individual form, made of hand-blown crystal. The motif of nature is also reflected in the floor rug designed by Neoklasika. Its texture has an irregular geometrical form and reminds one of a pebbled beach.

In the master bedroom, the furniture is designed as a group of unique design objects with high artistic value, without forfeiting their functionality and practicality. Exclusive polished rose wood is used in the finish. The French curved finish has been created with an individually textured, polished mother of pearl surface. The beauty of lighting fixtures in the owners’ bedroom focus on nature-inspired shapes and material contrasts. Smooth hand-blown lighting shade bowls supported by delicate cabling system create an elegant wave that seems to float in the air. The contrast further on is accented by the finishing materials: white and metallic coating. The source of inspiration for the rug is the textured relief of a sandy beach.