Residental Interior

The interior concept of the show flat inspirits the character of the Art Nouveau era in beginning of 20th century when the house and its surrounding quarter were established. The carefully decorated front gallery, living area and kitchen, home study and bedroom pay homage to aesthetical qualities of that time, while incorporating cutting-edge concepts of modern comfort.

This sumptuous home was designed to create a secluded environment, where to live, work and entertain guests. Most of the furniture in the apartment is bespoke and it beautifully highlights the character of the property.

One of the highlight features of the interior is the sculptural bespoke art-nouveau gypsum wall panels in the entrance hall and living room. The wall design is enhanced by the masterly designed lighting design that highlights the shapes and textures. In each area at least three lighting modes making it possible to create individual atmospheric combinations.

Each area has its own set of finishing materials that have balanced contrasts and nuances. The dark hardwood floor gives a solid base for the light wall and ceiling finishing. Door design, wall panels and bespoke furniture is finished in dark wood. To give an extra dimension to the interior ribbed glass and mirror panels are used. Is contrast to the smooth-textured walls and wood patterns, expensive stone surfaces in the kitchen and guest bathroom area bring extra level of sophistication in the selection of materials. The materials used create a link between the historical heritage and contemporary high-quality products.